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Hello my darling dears! I’m back! Wow, it’s been since the end of summer since I last updated! Oh, how I’ve missed it. Can you believe the season premiere of Teen Wolf is less than 3 days away?! Crazy! So within the enxt couple days expect a brand new update, possibly a new layout and some updated guides!

I hope you guys are having a fabulous Christmas break!

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Hello ladies! Wow, it’s been a while since I last updated! I’m sorry! A lot has been going on in the past couple weeks, I’ve had some health problems, and I finally got a job! But now I’ve finally found time to update! Yahoo! It’s the Teen Wolf summer finale tonight! I’m super excited, and sad, and I have all these emotions! But it makes me so so happy that we no longer have to wait until the next summer for another season. I’ve loved Allison’s outfits over the past couple episodes, they’ve been so cute. so I’ve added 3 style guides, and 2 hair guides from them. I’ve also decided to change the layout of the style and hair guides. This guide is easier for me to use, and it makes things go much much faster, which means even more guides. I’m constantly trying to add more and more to the site and I love to hear your input! I see everything you post in the message box, and I get all your requests, donations, and tip, so make sure to send them if you have one! Thank you girls for everything you’ve been doing! Your support means the world.

PS I’m just loving this whole Allison and Issac thing that’s going on! Just adorable.


[+3] Style Guides

[+2] Hair Guides

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Hello ladies! How is your summer going so far? I hope it’s full or lots of laughs and fun times with friends. I just got back from a camp with my church, so that’s why I completely missed updating last week! It was so much fun but I’m happy to be back! I do want to touch on something really quick, I am getting your emails and messages about wanting some video tutorials. As of right now I don’t have the time to begin doing them. I’m looking for a job and whatnot so maybe once that finishes and I finally do get a job, I may be able to be stress free enough to sit down and make a video! So I wanted to let you know that I am getting the messages and I’ll be working on some videos sometime in the near future, don’t expect any within the next couple months, but maybe it’ll be a project for when Teen Wolf is on it’s break.

I’ve added 2 style guides and 1 hair guide from the last two episodes.


[+2] Style Guides

[+1] Hair Guide

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How was everyone’s 4th of July?! I hope you all stayed safe and had fun with your friends and family! I love 4th of July! I’m a big style junkie(Obviously!) so I love anything and everything American Flag related! Especially the shorts! I was able to find a ton of exact matches to last Monday’s episode, and I was quite proud of myself since I found them all on my own! I just want to remind everyone that I always try and find similar matches, not always exact matches because most of them are way out of many people’s price ranges. Plus if I find a similar match to an expensive item, I will most likely add it to the page.


[+2] Style Guides

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I’ve finally been able to find the time to sit down and get an update posted. I’ve been super busy with life, so I wasn’t able to get it done Tuesday, and just some things kept coming up, but now I was finally able to update! So I’ve added Monday nights clothing, and I’ve also updated a guide to the exact match. If something doesn’t have an exact match at first, more than likely it will have an exact match a couple weeks later! Enjoy!


[+1] Style Guide

[+1] Updated Guide

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